Fresh-N-Free Deodorizer

Get Rid of Offensive Odors with Fresh-n-Free

The right scent can make your home feel like home. It helps make your rooms feel cleaner, fresher, and feel more inviting to your guests. They become a place where you want to be. Often, when there’s a bad smell, home and business owners attempt to deodorize their spaces with over-the-counter air fresheners. Either a spray, a scented candle, or a plug-in insert. While these fresheners are seen as effective or “good enough,” they merely mask the odor with stronger scents. They don’t address the problem. They’re also often made from harsh chemicals and can even make your home smell worse if they aren’t powerful enough. After the scent goes away or the refill runs out, the odor is still there. What can you do? Get at the root of the problem with Certified Chem-Dry’s Fresh-n-Free Deodorizer service! Our solution will get rid of any non-urine odor at their source. (For removing urine odors, check out our P.U.R.T. treatment!). From lingering odors caused by dirt, dust, pet dander, sweat, and many others, Fresh-N-Free will get rid of them!

Deodorizer and Anti Allergen
Fresh-N-Free is a deodorizer and anti-allergen. It removes smells at the molecular level, changing odor-causing agents chemically and neutralizing the odor. Not only that but it also functions as an anti-allergen, erasing the smells and the irritating effects caused by pet dander and dust mite matter. If you suffer from those allergens, Fresh-N-Free will help get rid of them!  

Get Rid of Smells at Their Source
Fresh-N-Free can be used on carpets, area rugs, and upholstery and can be combined with our cleaning of your item. We apply it before we start, allowing Fresh-N-Free to bond with odor causing agents. After, we’ll proceed with our cleaning. You’ll get your item truly clean and, when dry, your room will have a mild, fresh scent.  

Green-Certified Deodorizer
Our deodorizer and anti-allergen is green-certified. This means it’s safe to use in anywhere in your home, around your pets and from your family spaces to your teenager’s bedroom. It is also Wool Safe Approved, meaning that it can be used safely on your most delicate carpets, rugs, and upholstery. Fresh-N-Free won’t leave any harmful residue and will freshen up your space.  

Commercial Services, too!

If you struggle with unwanted smells in your office, you need Certified Chem-Dry Deodorizing service. Odors and allergens can cause discomfort not only to your customers but also to your employees.

Fresh-N-Free can get rid of odors trapped in office furniture, area rugs, and office carpeting. Using the same process, we apply before cleaning and once done your business will smell fresh again!

Make Your Home Feel Like Home Again!

Whether you’ve been struggling with odors for a while or have noticed it for the first time, foul smells can ruin the atmosphere of your home. We can help you get rid of them. Certified Chem-Dry uses Fresh-N-Free to remove non-urine odors and eliminate allergens such as pet dander and dust mite matter. Call or book an appointment online – we can get your home smelling fresh again!